Nina Rapicavoli is a contemporary Italian painter, she comes from a family of artists, 

a painting by Rapicavoli "Summer Fruit" was chosen by Queen Elizabeth to depict the one pound stamp in the United Kingdom. She was born in Carini (PA) Italy, she currently lives in the province of Turin. In 2009 she decided to interrupt her career in the tax sector to dedicate all her time to art and her love of painting.

Her studio is located in the Turin countryside, where she creates her works surrounded by plants and animals.

Online, through Instagram and the websites with which she collaborates, you can find and admire her creations.

In the past she held painting courses and workshops for adults and children and participated in several collective exhibitions in the region of her residence, Lombardy. In Milan she took care of and created the creative and operational aspects of the Miss Afrodite brand.

In 2017 she won the online Art for You competition with the resin on canvas work "Music".

In 2018 she won the VotArt#1 web competition, created by the Gigarte art gallery with three works: "Cat's eyes", "Pop frog", "Sunflower field".

In 2019 on the Pitturiamo website, she was among the top three places as the most appreciated painter on the web, with criticism from the journalist and art critic Antonio Castellana.

The paintings “Energia Vitale” and “Elios” were selected and are part of the paper collection of the art critic Vittorio Sgarbi, certified with archive number and certificates.

Awarding of the certificate for artistic merit with criticism by Dr. Vittorio Sgarbi: "The choice of her work for my collection of prints and drawings attests to the value of her work and constant artistic commitment".

In 2022 she wrote an illustrated children's book: “The Adventures of Jac”.

In 2023 the artist Nina Rapicavoli participated in the collective exhibition of artists selected for the international Unconventional Art Manifestation award.

In 2023, her works were published on the international portal Galphia.

In 2024 she participated with the painting “Sun Parrot” in the international exhibitions in Los Angeles and New York in the months of February and March. Publication of the painting “Sun Parrot” in the catalog n.1 Effetto Arte 2024 on sale on

On June 10, 2024, the painter participated in the auction of Gigarte number 31 at: ArtPrice, ArsValue, BidSpirit and Drouot; the major international and global sites for listing works of art. The Vital Energy painting was valued at €5,000.

On August 23-24-25 she will be present at Art Monaco in Monte Carlo, in the Principality of Monaco, where you will be welcome. The contemporary painter Nina Rapicavoli has a following of 100,000 followers who support her on various social networks, people who she thanks for the warmth they send her every day.